Scholarship Programs

The American Legion Auxiliary believes that the more knowledge our young people gain, the better citizens they will become. These days, paying for a college education is becoming a larger financial burden for students and their families. According to College Board, a student who took out loans in 2017 left a four-year public university with over $26,000 in debt, jumping to over $32,000 for a private university. With the cost of attending college rapidly increasing, this number is expected to rise.

That is why the American Legion Auxiliary is so committed to helping students pursue their education through scholarships.

The Auxiliary supports various scholarship programs that benefit veterans, the descendants of veterans, and The American Legion Family.

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, check out the scholarship links for eligibility requirements, deadlines, and application forms.

ALA Scholarships

The American Legion Scholarships

The American Legion offers a number of scholarships and other resources to assist young people in their pursuit of higher education. There are opportunities for everyone, including kin of wartime veterans and participants in Legion programs.

Also Available - VAVS Scholarship

Each Veterans Affairs medical center may nominate one Veteran Affairs Volunteer Services (VAVS) Student Volunteer to be considered for this scholarship.

ALA Scholarship Fund

You can help the ALA give the gift of education by donating to our scholarship funds.

Investing in the education of our young people is investing in the future of our country. You can help the ALA give the gift of education by donating to our scholarship funds. Since 2014, the American Legion Auxiliary has helped over 150 students chase their dreams by awarding annual scholarships. In 2019, we distributed over $130,000 to deserving young people.

“I could not be more honored to be a recipient of your Spirit of Youth Scholarship. This award has been an absolute blessing to me and my family. It has allowed me to pursue my nursing degree in the school of my dreams without damaging my family financially. I am so incredibly grateful for this gift from the Auxiliary every day.”
- Allison Horne, ALA Spirit of Youth Scholarship Recipient