To reward our Junior members who are actively participating in the ALA’s mission, we expanded the Junior Member of the Year (JMOY) program:

  • One overall national JMOY will win a $5,000 scholarship, as well as a trip to the ALA’s National Convention.
  • Four division JMOY winners will receive a $1,000 scholarship.
  • Nominees must have been a Junior member at the start of the current ALA administrative year.
  • Juniors must be at least in eighth grade or eighth grade equivalent and may win only once.
  • Juniors may be nominated by any member, unit, or department.
  • The narrative should detail the Junior nominee’s ALA participation and activities during the past year. Document with photographs, screenshots, and other evidence of Junior’s ALA participation and activities.
  • All entries must be submitted on the Junior Activities Program Awards webpage via electronic form by 5 p.m. EST on June 1.
  • Note: You will receive a confirmation when your award is submitted.

Junior Member of the Year Award FAQ

1 - $5,000 scholarship is awarded to the national Junior Member of the Year.
4 - $1,000 scholarships are awarded to the remaining division Junior Members of the Year.

  1. 1. How does a Junior apply for the scholarship for the Junior Member of the Year award?
    • A Junior must be nominated for the Junior Member of the Year award by their unit, department, or another member. Nominations for the award must be submitted via the online award application form.
  2. When is the deadline?
    • The final deadline is June 1. The application form will close at 11:59 p.m. Eastern. No exceptions will be made. National Headquarters receives the entries and disperses them for judging.
    • Winners will be announced during the Junior Activities pre-convention committee meetings.
    • The national winner will be contacted in July to coordinate travel arrangements to national convention. Notification letters will be mailed in August to the division winners.
    • A list of winners will be posted at along with the other national award winners.
  3. Can anyone apply for the Junior Member of the Year award?
    • Juniors must be at least in 8th grade or an 8th grade equivalent.
    • The scoring rubric will include points for those who attend a national Junior meeting.
  4. How is the award judged?
    • The scoring rubric includes points for number of years as an ALA member, serving as an honorary Junior officer, attending national Junior meetings, and ALA mission service.
  5. What is the amount awarded?
    • 1 $5,000 winner, plus 4 $1,000 division winners, for a total of $9,000 annually.
  6. How long does the student have to use the scholarship?
    • ALA NHQ must receive the Scholarship Certification Form within 12 months of the winner’s graduation from high school. The scholarship money must be used within 24 months of the winner receiving notification.
  7. How does a winner claim their scholarship money?
    • A Scholarship Certification Form will be enclosed with the winner’s notification form, which must be completed by the student and their school’s registrar (or an equivalent position if no registrar is available).
    • Once completed, the Scholarship Certification Form should be returned to the Education Program Coordinator at NHQ.
    • Funds will then be released in the form of a check to the school.
  8. Does the scholarship winner get the money or does the school?
    • The check is paid to the school for tuition and/or room and board.
    • A special exception was made for SOY scholarship for a student in the Air Force Academy, which has no tuition or room and board. A check was sent to the US Treasury on her behalf to offset her expenses (books, uniforms, etc.)
  9. Is the money paid out in one lump sum or installments?
    • The Junior Member of the Year Scholarship is paid in one lump sum, payable after NHQ receives the completed Scholarship Certification Form.
  10. Is the scholarship for the Junior Member of the Year award renewable? Can the winner be awarded again?
    • National winners may only be awarded Junior Member of the Year once. Therefore, they may only receive the scholarship once. Please check the rules for departments and units as they may vary from national.