Unit Member of the Year

The Unit Member of the Year award recognizes those serving at the unit level who exemplify the values and ideals of the Auxiliary and whose accomplishments significantly impact the program work in their units. 


  1. Open to senior members who are not currently, nor have ever been, in an elected or appointed leadership role higher than unit president.
  2. Units: Follow the directions and deadlines of your department. Submit a narrative of 1,000 words or less to your department. Describe the nominee’s accomplishments and activities and include the nominee’s name and address. 
  3. Departments: Submit only one entry. Please include the unit’s narrative when submitting this form. Entry is due June 1st and must be entered by the Leadership or PPP chairman. Please use the electronic form to submit your Unit Member of the Year. Please direct any questions to Leadership@ALAforVeterans.org.

Recognition of the winners occurs at the American Legion Auxiliary’s national convention. The application deadline is June 1 of each calendar year.

Learn more about the award recipients that were recognized at the ALA National Convention.